Our Females


CH Kalmegess RedMoon On Quack
Pearl's Accomplishments:
  • Reserve Winners Bitch at the 2017 National Specialty
  • Finished with all majors
  • CKC Pointed
  • BOB over Specials in Canada
  • Puppy Group Winner
Pearl's Health Clearances:
  • Hip clearance: Unknown 
  • Elbow clearance: Unknown 
  • Heart clearance: Unknown
  • Thyroid clearance: Unknown 
  • Eye clearance(s)
     General: unknown
     PRA: Unknown
     CEA: Unknown
  • CP1 clearance: OFA clear Cleared by parentage
  • JADD clearance: OFA clear Cleared by parentage
  • Degenerative Myelopathy clearance: Clear By Parentage
  • Patella Luxation clearance: Unknown

Pearl's K9 data Page

Owned By: Kendyl Schultze
Bred By: Cherri Johnson
Handled by Kendyl Schultze
DOB: 11/21/16


GCH Javahill What A Ride With RedMoon CGC
Maisy's Accomplishments:
  • Finished in 4 straight shows with 3 majors
  • Best of Breed Winner

Maisy's Health Clearances:
  • Hip clearance: Prelim Excellent
  • Elbow clearance: Normal
  • Eye clearance(s)
     PRA: clear by parentage
     CEA: Unknown 
  • CP1 clearance: clear by parentage
  • JADD clearance: Clear
  • Degenerative Myelopathy clearance: Unknown
  • Patella Luxation clearance: Normal

Maisy's K9 Data Page

Owned By: Kendyl Schultze and Linda Fitzmaurice
Bred By: Linda Fitzmaurice
Handled By: Kendyl Schultze
DOB: 01/16/16


AKC CKC GCH JavaHill's Charismatic

Matty's Accomplishments:
  • Group winner in both Canada and the USA
  • Top ranked toller in both Canada and the USA

Matty's Health Clearances:
  • Hip clearance: OFA DTR-2083E27F-VPI
  • Eye clearance: OFA DTR319/18F-VPI Normal 
  • Heart clearance: OFA DTR-CA990/22F/P-VPI
  • Elbow clearance: OFA DTR-EL884F27-VPI
  • Thyroid clearance: OFA DTR-TH610/22F-VPI
  • Dentition clearance: OFA DTR-DE37/22F-VPI
  • Buff coloration: OFA DTR-BUF91/18F-VPI Clear
  • prcd-PRA status: OFA DTR-PRA584/9F-VPI Clear
  • CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) status: Clear by parentage
  • Cleft Palate status: OFA DTR-CP543/18F-VPI Clear
  • Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status: OFA DTR-CPS134/18F-VPI Clear
  • Juvenile Addison's Disease status: OFA DTR-JAD734/8F-VPI Clear
  • DM status: OFA DTR-DM99/14F-VPI Clear
  • Degenerative Encephalopathy status: OFA DTR-DEN962/41F-PI Clear
  • Patella Luxation status: OFA DTR-PA295/22F/P-VPI Normal - Practitioner

Matty's K9 Data Page  

Owned By: Kendyl Schultze
Bred By: Linda Fitzmaurice
DOB: 5/22/13